The difficult first post

“I love your dress, where’s it from?”



Argh!!!! I end up having this brief conversation with other girls far too often. The slightly depressing thing is that when I hear that the particular garment is a Topshop purchase, it is automatically lowered in likeability in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, Topshop bring out brilliant collections and they know how to sell them – but what you get for the prices you pay isn’t worth it. Who would pay £60 for a dress when you could go into H&M and buy a similar version for say, £24.99?

Another thing, which healthy, average size teenagers want to be subjected to the humiliation of having to take sizes 12/14 into the changing rooms as you can’t even begin to pull up the zip on that gorgeous dress even though it’s a size 10 (which you normally are) and have to stand looking at yourself in the mirror realising it’s so tight that not even your slender, 8 year old cousin has a chance of squeezing into it?

Add to that emerging distressed and exhausted from the Topshop sale rail with one hanger holding a £20 t-shirt that you realise you don’t even want that much and you just grabbed it off the rail as that annoying girl rifling through everything had her heavily made-up eyes on it.  And people wonder why I don’t venture into Topshop.

It’s fine to have the odd piece in your wardrobe, but what I’m saying is we shouldn’t get sucked into this lazy, over-priced fashion. Buying clothes should be fun and not expensive – handing over your £40 in Topshop for a cardi that you might only wear twice this summer doesn’t give you anywhere near the thrill of finding that little gem of a scarf in your local market or charity shop for only £2 – especially when you know the money is going to a good cause. In fact, handing over any amount of money in Topshop has never given me any thrills at all.

5 thoughts on “The difficult first post

  1. omg love what you are doing!! its just brill and you make a very good point i bought a shurt in topshop and i like i have worn it twice in the three years i have had it and good news!! i found a cute skurt in the charity shop for £3!!
    keep it up alex your posts can only get better!!!

  2. This is really cool, I absolutely agree, on my formspring people are giving me rubbish about how many topshop items i own. Glad to think i’m not the only one. Btw, you don’t know me but thank Lauren for recommending me here 😉

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