The detachedness of online clothes shopping

Let’s face it – buying clothes online has got to be one of the most frustrating and unsatisfying activities possible. I’m not saying that buying online in general isn’t a godsend, because yes, receiving the message “your order has been successful” on Amazon on December 23rd leaves us all with a huge sense of relief, especially when you’ve been reassured by your computer screen  that you did click on “next-day delivery” – but at least in this instance you’re fairly confident that the dvds you ordered won’t be the wrong size, or that your calendar won’t be the wrong shade of purple to go with your new shoes. Clothes shopping online, however, is a whole different kettle of fish.

Many a time have I spent a Friday night hour endlessly browsing shop websites, searching for items of clothing that I might buy in town on Saturday morning. The downside of this activity is that when you are in the actual shop – reality sets in. You finally realise how much money you actually have to spend, and you can see with your own eyes that some of the items you picked out the previous night, aren’t as fantastic in the cold light of day. The disappointment would leave anyone feeling forlorn.

The clear alternative to this is to buy straight off the website; “Where’s the problem with that?” I hear you cry!

1. Issues with sizing – without trying on the garment you won’t know if it is a good fit.

2. You can’t touch the item ( I personally need to feel the material and weight of any item I buy).

3. Without seeing the item up close – you are unable to assess whether you really want/need it.

4. If you find that you no longer want the item once it has been delivered, it is a pain to package it up again and send it back.

I find shopping for clothes  online tedious and unenjoyable – and that is why I don’t do it often. It is far more fun to go into a shop and touch the materials, try on the clothes, and have a root around in the sale section for a little gem of an item that they didn’t bother to upload  onto the website. Clothes shopping is more than just buying clothes because they’re necessary – it’s about having a day out in town, socialising, and getting a buzz when you walk out of the shop with your fresh purchases in a bag. But ultimately it’s about having fun, and if you can’t feel the difference between virtual-buying and buying in reality, then I’m very much afraid that you’re a detached online shopper.

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