5 ways to wear: a scarf

Versatility is a key aspect of fashion; it’s possible to wear basically the same outfit for a week if you know more than one way to wear each piece, and can accessorize the outfit differently every time.

So, here we go with my first “5 ways to wear” post. Today, it is ‘5 ways to wear: a scarf’.

1. As you would normally wear a scarf – wrapped around your neck with the two ends hanging down on either side at the front. Throw one end over the opposite shoulder to give it more of a “just thrown it on” look.

2. Wrapped twice around the neck and tied in a bow on one side. (Don’t try this if you have a short neck –  it’ll make you look like a wrapped up christmas present).

3. As a flowing headscarf. Place the scarf on the crown of the head just behind the fringe (if you have one) with equal lengths of scarf on both sides of the head. Take both ends down and tie just underneath the hair, at the back of the neck. If you have very short hair, leave like this and let the scarf trail down your back or bring the ends round the front. For long hair, follow instructions below for no.4.

4. As a headscarf with side bow. Follow instructions above for ‘flowing headscarf’ and after tying the scarf just beneath the hair, bring the scarf back up to tie in a bow on one side of your head.

5. As a wrist bow (for shorter scarves only). Wrap around the wrist as many times as will fit before tying in a bow.

The best place to buy scarves (as I have mentioned in previous posts) is in charity shops. I was in my local cancer research yesterday browsing the extensive collection of scarves that they have. Scarves are great to buy as they are cheap (only usually £1 -£2 in charity shops) and they can be worn in so many different ways. Build up a collection so that you’ll never be stuck without a scarf that matches your outfit’s colour scheme. You could always tie two scarves together and wrap them round each other (use clashing prints/colours) to give your outfit a more boho feel. As they’re so cheap you won’t feel bad buying in bulk, and make sure you buy some ones with unusual prints/patterns as you never know when you might need one to ‘make’ an outfit.

Oxfam Scarves
A selection of scarves available in Oxfam on Oldham Street, Manchester today. All only £2 – £4.