Wonders can be found in ‘Oxfam Originals’

Yesterday, Dave and I found a little gem in the Oxfam Originals shop on Oldham Street, Manchester. Whilst browsing through the suit section, Dave picked up an original Austin Reed black pinstriped suit jacket and trousers. His exact size, perfect fit and in a great condition. We walked out of the shop smiling with this fantastic suit for only thirty pounds. £30! These are suits which normally retail for over £300! It was a great spot by Dave and an excellent example of how you might just find something that’s very good quality and at a low price. On our travels we also spotted a lovely Pierre Cardin jacket and a Louis Vuitton bag which were going very cheaply, so get rummaging!

Dave's Oxfam Bag
Dave’s Oxfam bag containing his Austin Reed suit costing only £30