How the Romans saved our soles

That’s right, I’m talking about gladiator sandals – undoubtedly the most popular choice of footwear for summer, and so they have been for the past few years. It is the Romans we have to thank for this footwear craze; despite the attempt by however many labels to claim the idea as their own. As any female  will tell you, these sandals are a life-saver for a woman with a shoe crisis. Suitable for almost any occasion, comfortable,  flat and good to look at – these shoes tick practically every box. Walk into any women’s clothing store, and right at the back you will spy rows upon rows of gladiator sandals in every different colour imaginable! The great thing about gladiator sandals is that often it is impossible to differentiate between an expensive pair from say, Kurt Geiger, or a pretty, cheap-and-cheerful pair from Primark.

I do have one issue with gladiator sandals however. It is not so much an issue with the actual sandals as opposed to an issue with the way they are worn. Please let’s get this straight: gladiator sandals may be suitable for almost any occasion, but this does not mean that they can be worn with everything. In only the past week I have seen some truly terrible pairings of  gladiator sandals with women’s work-wear. I know, weird isn’t it? Imagine a woman dressed in a skirt, jacket and shirt and you just expect her to be wearing a complementary pair of heels don’t you? Not this summer, oh no. I find it very hard to comprehend why these women are happy to spend a full day looking ridiculous; it’s on the same scale as wearing trainers with the same outfit, don’t you agree? I would advise any women wanting to give their work-wear a lighter, more summery feel to invest in a pair of heels or peep-toe wedges in a neutral colour. Gladiator sandals are great for the weekend, but not so much for the city 9-5.