Denim jeans: The addiction

Today, and for the first time in probably 3 months – I wore my jeans. An unusual statement  I know. It’s not that I have a thing about disliking jeans, it’s just that I seemed to unconsciously set myself the challenge that as summer arrived, I would not wear my jeans anymore (and I only wore them as the weather in Manchester was very dodgy today – it seemed no-one had decided whether it was to be rainy or sunny and they thought a good mixture of the two would be helpful. Also, I have been selling cakes all day and I did not wish to get stains on anything I would want to wear in the coming week). The main reason for this was that I wanted to see how long I could last for without wearing them and how many different outfits I could put together without the need for my blue, skinny jeans – jeans I have being wearing since October of last year. In winter, these jeans were life-savers, and in fact, after buying and wearing them for a few weeks, they were so comfortable and such a good fit that I went back into the Red Herring department in Debenhams, and bought myself an identical pair for the reasonable price of £22. For me, £22 for a pair of trousers is quite a large amount; but for a pair of jeans that I would wear all day 3/4 times a week it was a bargain.For winter, jeans are a great investment. They can be worn with anything, are comfy and casual. For summer not so. Wearing jeans in summer is just not normal. I appreciate that here in the UK our weather is so unreliable that it’s impossible to predict what you will be able to wear from one day to the next, but there are alternatives – and it is these that I wish to impart my knowledge about.

1. Khaki green chino-style trousers. I bought a pair from New Look for £20 last month – and they have become as necessary to my wardrobe this summer as my jeans are to me in the winter. These are suitable for any occasion as they can be dressed up or down – from casual to formal or vice-versa. These are normally worn rolled up to just above the ankle. For warmer days roll them up to a couple of inches below your knees are for colder days roll right down so they are simply a pair of khaki green skinny trousers. I find mine look best when worn with heeled sandals – but experiment with them and see what happens.

Khaki chinos

Khaki chinos, £20, New Look

2. Dresses. I LOVE wearing dresses – in winter or summer. Dresses are the smoothest and easiest of outfits to buy/wear. In winter with tights, boots and a hat, in summer with sandals, sunnies and a straw Trilby glasto-style. Easy-peasy and beautiful to look at.

3. Shorts. That’s all I need to say. If there’s anyone out there who really can’t let go of their jeans this summer then I have the perfect solution; simply cut your jeans short and turn up the ends to make them into denim shorts! That’s what I have done with mine, because let’s face it, you’re going to have to invest in new pairs for autumn/winter 2010 aren’t you?

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  1. My essentials for a holiday in this country would be: chinos, a pair of lightweight, silky shorts, a playsuit, a few beach t-shirts and a couple of smarter ones, a big fleecy hoody to wear on the beach (and warm tracksuit bottoms to do the same), a white cardigan, a summer dress, a bikini, a wetsuit, heeled sandals, flip-flops, a big floppy sun hat, a straw trilby, a couple of pairs of cheap and pretty sunglasses and lots of sun cream!

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