Where to shop: Cow Vintage

Cow Vintage = my favourite vintage shop. Nestled near M&S in the row of stores behind the buses in Piccadilly gardens, Cow is, in itself, a hidden gem – a brilliant vintage clothing store specialising mostly in items from the 80s. Heading inside you’ll notice the bright, clean interior, rails upon rails of neatly categorized clothes, and the friendly staff – always willing to help. The first time you go in, you might be overwhelmed by the vast amount of stock they have, and you’ll need a spare hour or more to have a really good look around inside. Some of my best ever buys are from Cow, and on Thursday I found three great items: a playsuit, a dress and a jumper. So far this year I have had 14 items from Cow; each unique and like nothing I’ve ever had before. My Cow obsession started at Christmas when I was bought two light-weight knit 80s jumpers and a fantastic fitted jacket with a military feel. Since then, every time I shop in Manchester I have to visit Cow and I always exit with a great new purchase (or more than one!) Cow is one of those places that is effortlessly cool – from the laid back vintage outfits of the staff to the bright yellow bags emblazoned with the word “COW” in bold black letters.

The bright yellow COW bags

The bright yellow COW bags

Cow doesn’t just do womenswear; and they have a great selection of men’s t-shirts, checked shirts, barbour jackets, jeans, boots and woolly jumpers/cardigans (hence me buying James a green cardigan from Cow for his birthday – see previous post “Impulse buys: the good and the bad”).

There are Cow shops in Birmingham, Nottingham and Sheffield as well as in Manchester; and the exact location of these can be found on the Cow blog: http://www.wearecow.blogspot.com – which can also be found on my Blogroll under ‘Cow Vintage’. The Cow website: http://www.wearecow.com, is being fully launched later this year, and though I’m not sure yet whether it will be possible to buy online, it will definitely be worth a look.

A quote from someone I introduced to Cow on Thursday;

“I was dead impressed with that place. I’m definitely going again.”