Where to sale shop: Warehouse

Most of you probably looked at the title of today’s post and thought one of two things, either:

1) What is Warehouse? or

2) Warehouse is way out of my price range.

Firstly, to the people who thought no 1, Warehouse is a brand that has outlets in Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser. They also have their own individual stores and I know of one in the Manchester Arndale. They are priced at the same level as Topshop, but as most of the clothes are occasion wear you get what you pay for and it is all very good quality.

To the people who thought no 2 – no it is not. I always used to think exactly the same thing and I would never even bother browsing in Warehouse as everything is simply to highly priced. Not in the sale, however, as I had the good fortune to discover last week. Warehouse do make very good reductions on their stock – often half price or more. On returning a top in Debenhams that I had bought in the sale I decided to exchange it and buy something that would be good for summer. Red Herring wasn’t great as all the sale items were in the wrong sizes and they didn’t really have anything for £9 (the price of my exchanged top). At this point the bargain hunters amongst you are thinking, “She bought something in Warehouse for £9?! Quick, you go on the website and find out where our nearest store is while I hunt for the car keys!” Unfortunately I didn’t purchase an item from Warehouse for £9, but I did manage to buy a pair of beautiful black shorts – light, silky and high-waisted for £17 (an excellent price for anything in Warehouse). These shorts are comfortable, a good fit and will go with anything. I have already worn them a few times and I’m really pleased that I bought them as they are a very necessary summer staple.

Browsing through the sale section on the Warehouse website, I was very impressed to have a nosey at the masses of sale stock they have (616 items to be precise), and there was honestly not a piece of clothing there that I would not be happy to wear. That is saying something. Nicely cut and shaped, all of their clothes are items that really will last, and I particularly recommend their occasion wear as I had a beautiful silk dress in turquoise from Warehouse for a wedding and I received many compliments on how lovely it was.They make their items look a lot more expensive than they really are.

The verdict: Warehouse is brilliant for occasion wear and excellent for good quality essentials that will last.