The ingenious idea that is…The Playsuit

Playsuits. Bright, pretty and fun. Everything that summer should be.

I must admit that I had reservations about these particular items of clothing when they first made their way onto the high street at the start of the season. I think my misgivings were more to do with the fact that the weather in the UK at the time was just generally horrendous and any thoughts of sun had long since fallen from our minds and the fact that one of the first playsuits I spotted was a Topshop creation – rather than dislike of the actual playsuit idea and design itself. Now the sun has re-appeared and there are outlets other than Topshop for playsuits; I am very willing to give them a go.

There are plenty of flowery numbers available nice and cheaply in places such as New Look and Primark, but I decided I was going to retro and buy a ‘real’ playsuit – vintage style. So off to Cow I went (of course!) and soon enough found THE playsuit for me. This is what I love about Cow – they collect all of their stock together from a particular fashion from a particular era, and style it in correspondence to what look is currently in. I did not end up with your average flowery playsuit. Oh no. Instead I picked out a fantastic royal blue 80s playsuit with white arrows and stripes splashed across the front. It is without sleeves – it simply has three white straps on the shoulder and the upper arm to prevent it from falling off. It is rather unconventional as it wraps round the back and ties in a bow at the front. It is fantastic and I LOVE it.

Playsuits are great. You know why? It’s because, realistically, if you wear a playsuit – the only other item that is absolutely necessary is a pair of shoes. Obviously you will want to accessorize with a bag, a hat, some sunnies and jewellery – but if you’re in a rush simply shove on a playsuit, grab your sandals and go! One piece outfits are so much easier – that’s why I love dresses so much! So if you haven’t already got one, go and buy one now. If you don’t fancy going straight into wearing a playsuit or if you are leg-conscious; go for a jumpsuit first. The same as a playsuit but with full length leggings that will bunch in on your ankle – ideal for if it isn’t hot enough for a playsuit. I won’t even suggest a particular shop as they are EVERYWHERE. But if you want an authentic, retro one – get down to your local Vintage Quarter before they all go! For those of you who don’t have any nearby vintage shops – then there are loads of online vintage shops and eBay is excellent. Many high street stores are channeling the retro feel too.

2 thoughts on “The ingenious idea that is…The Playsuit

  1. Any advice on what a girl with big feet (size 9+) should do to avoid looking like a frogwoman out of water?

    • I can really empathize with you as I have size 8 feet and it’s a pain to find shoes that fit and don’t make my feet look huge at the same time. My advice would be to not wear really flat shoes such as ballet pumps as they will elongate your feet and make them look even longer than they are. Try to have a bit of a heel. In winter, boots are great and if you buy knee boots they will balance out your foot length. In summer, heeled sandals and wedges will make your feet look smaller than they are. General tips would be not to wear skinny jeans with sneaker shoes such as converse as they don’t cover any of your foot so go for more flared styles or wear wedges with them. An alternative would be to wear long skirts and dresses that take the attention away from your feet. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how big your feet are – so don’t worry about it. Wear what you want and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks; that’s what I do. There is an advantage to having longer feet – size 8 and 9 are always still in stock in a shop sale – so we can get good shoes really cheaply whilst everyone who’s a size 5 can’t! Hope this has helped 🙂

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