On the beach: Do and Don’t


Take a cover-up to wear for when it cools down or for after you’ve been in the sea. A big warm hoody will do just fine. It may seem far too hot for one, but you’ll end up with a nasty cold for the rest of the holiday if you don’t.

Put plenty of sun-cream on. I know it’s a pain when you finally drag all the stuff onto the beach and all you want to do is either lie down and sunbathe or run straight into the sea – but doing either without putting cream up will end up in you been badly burnt and will damage your skin in the long run. It only takes a minute, and if you put a high factor on you’ll be fine for a couple of hours.

Wear a big, floppy sun hat when you’re not in the sea as it will shield your hair from the sun – no one wants a peeling scalp do they?

Invest in dark sunglasses. Yes, cheap, pretty, flowery fake ray-bans from Primark are great for walking around town but for on the beach you’ll need full protection from the sun. TKMaxx are great for buying good quality and often designer sunglasses at low prices. Make sure the glasses you buy have a suitable UV rating for your destination.


Wear make-up to go on the beach. This may sound horrifying, but at the end of the day it will either melt on your face in the sun or will wash off in the sea. Either way you will look a mess with panda eyes and smeared lips. It’s much better to leave off the make-up and have a naturally sun-kissed face.

Wear any jewellery and accessories when going for a swim. This may seem obvious but I have myself forgotten to remove bracelets and been very annoyed when I have returned from the sea having lost them.

Wear a bikini with halter straps if you know you are going to be wearing a strapless evening dress or something similar as you will have tan lines which will make your skin tone look very uneven.

Wear the wrong swimwear for your body shape. For instance, if you have a boyish straight-up-and-down body, wear bikinis with big prints and patterns. If you are leg conscious wear board shorts/sarong with a bikini top, or if you don’t like getting your stomach go for bikini bottoms and a tankini top. You have to be comfortable with what you are wearing so if you are going to be spending a lot of your time on the beach then invest in some decent swimwear.

Happy Holidays!