Elementary my dear


Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman aka Holmes and Watson


After Monday’s post on menswear I was delighted to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in his portrayal of a modern day Sherlock Holmes at 9 o’clock Sunday evening on BBC 1. Not only did it prove to be excellent viewing (and I recommend it to anybody who appreciates it when the BBC do something a little different) but I have to congratulate the wardrobe department working on the programme for Mr Holmes’ smooth, sopthisticated attire. I am not so much of a fashion geek that when watching tv I concentrate solely on what the actors are dressed in, but Mr Cumberbatch Esq. was wearing such a beautifully crafted black trench coat that I had a desperate urge to contact the BBC and find out who designed out to see if they could possibly rustle me one up for the coming Autumn/Winter.

I have always preferred trench coats to other coat styles but the BBC had really surpassed themselves with the one they had provided for Cumberbatch. Sleek, warm (obviously having been filming in Winter) and utterly sophisticated it gave Holmes all the necessary attributes to run around London being annoying clever and hilariously sarcastic in the process of finding a serial killer. What is great about this outfit is that it looks great and is really practical at the same time – exactly what it should be. Seriously, if you didn’t catch it, i-player it. There are two more episodes on Sunday 1st and Sunday 8th – 9 -10.30 pm on BBC 1. The wardrobe department also had the good grace to give him a nice knit scarf which toned in perfectly with the coat. If only his lovely shirt had been a tiny bit roomier; as the buttons were being slightly stretched – then the outfit would have been complete. Hopefully this issue will be rectified by next week.

As to Dr John Watson (played very well by Martin Freeman in a kind of understated-but-quiet-genius-at-the-same-time fashion), I wasn’t too impressed by his cream knit jumper and cords, but considering he was an injured Afghanistan soldier returned home I’m happy to let him off the hook. Hopefully now he’s living with Holmes, some of Sherlock’s style sense will rub off on him. Considering in the original Conan Doyle works it is Watson who is the dapper of the two and Holmes seems not to bother about his appearance it is interesting to see that the BBC have gone in for a bit of role reversal. Nevertheless I can’t wait for the next episode, and I’m secretly hoping Holmes might branch out into a nice hat and a pair of black leather gloves. Here’s hoping.