Fashion’s dark horse

Chloe. In a word, chic. Pure chic.

On perusing my ‘Elle Collections’ guide to the coming season’s collections, I was at once alerted to the new ‘statement’ colour for Autumn/Winter 2010. Camel. Interesting, I know, but once you’ve spied one of these beautiful Camel trench coats (my favourite by far is by Chloe), you’ll never frown at the word ‘camel’ again. I am a big fan of trench coats (as you might have noticed) but these warm woolen camel versions by Chloe take the ‘trench’ to a new level. They are effortlessly elegant, and give an impression of intelligence. A woman lucky enough (and rich enough) to be wearing one these is a woman who means business.

I opened the double page containing all of the new Chloe designs (33 to be precise) and was at once struck by the way the page leapt out at me as quite simply a page of camel. Oh and grey. There are but 3 designs out of the 33 present that do not fall under either category. Chloe really are sticking to their guns on this one. It sounds dull and work-wearish but it isn’t at all. After all, not all the garments hanging up in a woman’s wardrobe can be showy and bright. You need some staple statement pieces and colours dotted in there as well otherwise the whole thing is thrown completely off-balance and you end up looking like you work as a model in a fancy-dress shop.

Chloe’s designs include tapered trousers, trench coats, blouses and jumpsuits. The jumpsuits are a work of art; my particular favourite is in light grey, with a tapered trouser (including a skinny brown belt to almost split the effect into that of a blouse and trousers) and a long-sleeved blouse with a bow to tie at the neck instead of a collar. It is beautiful, and though it is a colour often associated purely with workwear – it really would stand out in a crowd. Skinny belts have evidently made a comeback this season, as have high-waisted and tapered trousers, and if Chloe is anything to go by then we really are in for a treat this season. The designs featured in forthcoming collections are not outlandish or garish in any way – they are more subtle, and focused – all heading in a specific different direction to each other: Givenchy does black, Burberry Prorsum does jackets, Miu Miu does romance, whilst Stella McCartney goes for the easy one-piece jaw-droppers. They go on and on and on.

I’m really excited by all of the new collections hitting the catwalk for Autumn/Winter 2010. All the designers seemed to have pulled out all of the stops this season, though they are all going for slightly different things – and this is what is so brilliant! A perfectly rounded wardrobe would be made up of one or two pieces from each collection – and if only we could all actually buy them. But it’s still nice to day-dream….

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  1. Hi,

    I have recently started a new job and was wondering if you have any advice for work place wear. What are the new collections showing in the way of smart office outfits? Also if you have any tips for work place accessories I would be very grateful.

    Thanks, Penny.

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