The apparent lack of hats

Has anyone else noticed that apart from builders/police(wo)men/or Buckingham Palace guards, no-one seems to be wearing hats anymore? Obviously people wear hats for special occasions and when it’s warm/cold, but there seems to be a lack of people wearing hats purely for the sake of it! I am not a part of this majority, as I am faithful to my own collection of French Berets ( I own quite a number: black, beige, red, purple, blue, green, yellow and pink) and I enjoy the calls of “bonjour!” (in English accents) and the odd looks I get whilst out and wearing one. It’s not just berets – any kind of hat is great.

I love hats because they give people character, an air of satisfaction with one’s outfit; so much so that they feel the need to complete it with a hat in their choice of style, size and colour. Hats shouldn’t be worn simply for practical reasons; they should be worn just because they can be – if only for the pleasure of wearing one. Be it a a beret, a bowler, a panama or a trilby – they all make heads turn.

One thought on “The apparent lack of hats

  1. Both my Grandfathers wore hats, as did most Grandfathers of people my age. The fashion semed to change with our parent’s generation. Real shame really.

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