Wool is well received

If truth be told (and no I didn’t write that deliberately to make everyone read it in a Gavin and Stacey esque accent), I’m rather obsessed with anything ‘wool’ at the moment. And I mean anything. Jumpers, cardigans, hats, gloves, scarves, skirts, dresses, hairbands, tights, socks, even capes! I seemed to spend my summer wandering round the shops in playsuits and shorts – buying knitted jumpers and tights! At the time everyone thought I was mental and told me I should be on the beach or in the garden “enjoying the sun”. Well since then it’s gotten much colder, wetter and windier in my little corner of England – and I am exceptionally pleased with myself and my clever planning in advance for Autumn. My purchases included an excellent multicoloured acrylic jumper from Cow Vintage, and a beautiful black wool cape (which I mentioned in my previous post “The Cape Comeback”) from Kitt’s Couture

Wool is, in my view, the most appropriate material for the September – April period. It is heavy and warm, comes in every colour and texture imaginable and doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. I write this from the perspective of both a keen knitter and a shopping addict. I source my knits from both the high-street and my own creativity – buying jumpers and the like from places like H&M and New Look, and making most of my own accessories. In recent times I have created: hats, scarves, snoods, neckwarmers, hairbows, cuffs and various other knitted accessories. My current projects are a pair of ’80s inspired legwarmers and a pair of Winter mittens. Knitting for myself means I can decide one day on my outfit for the next, and in the mean time knit myself an accessory to complete the outfit.

Today for example, I am musing about what to wear to a Drama rehearsal tomorrow, and have decided on an ’80s theme (yes I am channelling “Fame”!) This will consist of blue leggings (actual dance leggings worn in the ’70s), a black sweater worn underneath the aforementioned bright ’80s jumper number from Cow,  my trusty grey converse, a bright red patent shoulder bag and bright red lips. I think possibly my royal blue beret as well as there is quite a lot of blue in the jumper. I am reasonably happy with the prospect of wearing this outfit tomorrow, but I feel there is something wanting. That “something” is quite obviously a pair of legwarmers (in either bright red or royal blue – I haven’t quite decided yet) – thus completing the “Fame” look. I don’t actually possess a pair of these such leggings, so tonight I will sit down to watch the tv and knit a pair.