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As you may have noticed, today an icon has appeared on the right of my blog that says “Independent Fashion Bloggers”. This is a site that I stumbled across yesterday whilst catching up on a few blogs, and it is a network which links Independent Fashion Bloggers across the globe. The criteria for joining is made perfectly clear in the name of the site, but nevertheless here it is:

1. Your blog must be about fashion.

2. Your blog must be independently owned.

As Alexandra Thérèse is eligible on both of these accounts, I signed up straight away to find out what it was all about. Independent Fashion Bloggers is a network which enables the fashion blogging community to come together to: discover and read each others blogs, take part in various discussions relating to fashion and help everyone “build a better blog”. They also have a feature entitled “Links à la mode” which is described on the site as “a weekly round-up where bloggers submit their top posts for consideration. Approximately 20 stories are selected each week.” Hopefully I will be entering a post of my own very soon!

I see it as an opportunity to find out about new blogs, whether well-known or undiscovered, and also to help with promoting my own blog and improving my posts. I would really encourage any other fashion bloggers reading this whose site is independently owned to check out the site. It is completely free and could be the making of your blog (as hopefully it will be of mine!). If you know anyone who might benefit from joining then please do recommend them to sign up!

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    • Your welcome, I did the same and I didn’t understand what the site was for until I’d read all of the “About” pages on the site. But now I know I think it could be a really useful networking tool for us fashion bloggers! Thanks for stopping by, Alexandra Thérèse xx

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