My Blogroll explained

When I first started Alexandra Thérèse one of the first aspects of blogging I learnt about was the concept of the “Blogroll”. It is basically a collection of links to other blogs/websites that the writer of the blog reads regularly, and/or thinks their readers will enjoy and benefit from reading. I have observed on many blogs that some Blogrolls are a never-ending list of uncategorized names of  blogs – sitting, unexplained, on the right of the writer’s posts. I sometimes get the impression that some bloggers don’t actually regularly read all the blogs they link to, as when I have visited them they either no longer exist or their writers ceased  posting months or years ago. I like to think my Blogroll is a little different in the sense that I only link to blogs I actually read regularly and very much enjoy. Fellow bloggers may look at my Blogroll and think it’s rubbish because it’s not a sprawling mass of links, but I prefer to have a select few that I enjoy.

So, first up is Roz at Clothes, Cameras and Coffee. Roz is a great believer and wearer of vintage, and is photographed wearing beautiful clothes from many different eras by her (very talented) parents. I very much admire Roz’s use of language and description when writing about her outfits. Those who read my second ever post on charity shops will know how many clothing and accessory items I buy from them, and this is a trait that Roz and i share! I first discovered Roz’s blog after I saw her in the Sunday Times Style supplement featured in the “What are you wearing?” section, which can be seen here on Roz’s blog. Do go over to her blog and have a look around – she is always an inspiration.

Second on my blogroll is Cow Vintage. As you may have read previously on this blog, Cow is my very favourite vintage clothing store, and I never fail to find an item there. There are four Cow stores in the Country, located in: Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield. I follow their blog as they post up and coming vintage events going on up and down the country, and occasionally post catwalk photos and the vintage counterparts they are based on. It is always very interesting to see when designers use a vintage theme! My favourite posts by the Cow team are ones that include photos of vintage clothes that the current season’s catwalk trends are based on. Often these items can be found in one of the four Cow stores for an excellent price!

Third on my blogroll (by the way, this isn’t in any way in preference order – it’s just alphabetical!) is Fleur at Diary of a Vintage Girl. The name of her blog says it all. Fleur describes herself as “a full-time Forties enthusiast” ; she writes regular columns for enthusiast magazines such as The Chap, organises vintage events and is a vintage model. Her blog is a diary of these wonderful goings on and is always full of amazingly authentic outfits, helpful tips, and very often… food! I always enjoy reading Fleur’s posts as she never fails to give the rest of us something to smile about! If you have even the slightest interest in vintage or just well-put-together outfits in general then you must have a nose round her blog!

The next blog that features on my blogroll is Street Etiquette. Two guys from New York posting regular photos and posts of clothes that they wear themselves. Always individual and inspiring. They really know how to wear clothes well, but with a certain flair that you don’t always see in menswear. I would recommend everyone to look at their ensembles, especially any male readers!

The penultimate that features on my current blogroll is probably the most well-known of them all. The Sartorialist is a blog-in-pictures of what people are wearing around the world. Created by Scott Schuman it is a daily breath of fashion fresh air – filled with wonderful shots of people going about their daily lives in great outfits. It is always nice to see what the rest of the world is wearing and this is my outlet for doing so!

The last blog on my blogroll is also another popular one. Wish Wish Wish is an upbeat and quirky fashion and vintage blog written by 19-year-old Carrie. Regular musings, items and outfit posts feature along with useful styling tips! Wish Wish Wish is a very bright and cheerful blog and it’s nice to see some optimism in the world! Carrie takes brilliant photographs too.

So, that is my blogroll and I hope this has enlightened anyone who was unsure of what a Blogroll was. Please do take a minute to look at these blogs as they are all fantastic reads in their own ways. If you enjoy any fashion/vintage blogs I haven’t mentioned then please comment with a link and I’d love to have a look around!