THE Fur Coat

It is with great pleasure that after weeks of umming and ahhing about which Winter outer layer to buy that I settled on a Faux-Fur Coat which was a present from my parents. Winter has set in and is freezing us all to death here in England so the warmness of my beautiful coat is very satisfying to have!  The great thing about it is that as it is so warm I only need to wear one layer underneath it (ie. a dress) and I won’t get cold!

I shopped around and found that the best faux-fur coat was in River Island. I had debated about buying a vintage one but many of them were horible and moth-eaten which  is why I decided on a new one which I could keep in good condition. I think fur coats are very classic so I won’t only be able to wear it this Winter, but next Winter as well (and hopefully many more after!) This is the best photo I could find but I will try and take a better one soon!

River Island Faux-Fur Coat

River Island Faux-Fur Coat


Image copyrighted to River Island.