The cropped era before us

Emma Watson sporting newly cropped hair

Emma Watson sporting newly cropped hair

The way I see it and however shallow it may sound, being on the front cover of Vogue is a major achievement. Whether they be an actor, singer, model, designer or broadcaster – they all deserve it one way or another. So this being the case I was no less than thrilled when on ripping open my subscription envelope which revealed that the December issue of the world’s most iconic fashion magazine was graced on its cover by the beautiful Emma Watson. In my humble opinion Ms Watson is a talented actress and model (not to mention my admiration for her studying for a degree at a serious higher education institution – no less than Brown University, one of the seven Ivy League Universities) – I was most delighted to see that for once the cover of Vogue featured a female with short hair. And I don’t mean a weird, semi-bob wavy mess like Alexa Chung – I mean a well cut, well styled cropped hair cut, perhaps reminiscent of Jean Seberg, or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

Now Emma Watson will be added to the list of stars who have gone for the crop – and for this I admire her. Not only does the elfin do really suit her, but she has made short hair all the more feminine and chic. She has shown women that short hair can be pretty and striking at the same time. When asked why she opted for such a drastic change of hairstyle as soon as filming for the final instalment of the Harry Potter series in which she stars finished, she is to have said that she found it a very liberating thing to do after being contracted to keep her hair long during the ten years of Harry Potter – and quite rightly so. I can’t imagine having to sign something which made me keep my hair at the same length for ten whole years! I can barely keep my hair at the same length for ten weeks before wanting a change and having it cut into a completely different style.

Jean Seberg in A bout de soufflé in 1959

Jean Seberg in A bout de soufflé in 1959

I took the plunge and had my hair cut to bob-length two years ago, and since then it’s length has fluctuated between completely cropped and longer-but-spiky – exactly like Ashley Greene as Alice in Twilight. I LOVE having short hair and here’s why:

1. It requires hardly any time and products to look good.

2. It almost completely towel dries and a 60 second blast from my hairdryer is all it needs.

3. It marks me out as being a bit different and is a handy conversation topic…

Most usually when people start a conversation with me with either “So how long have you been wearing your hair short?”  or “So why did you decide to get your hair cut short?”  They are often fascinated by the fact that I couldn’t stand having long hair – it didn’t suit me and I didn’t see the point. But now I’m very happy with my hair – at the minute it is very short and textured at the back with a slightly heavier fringe which I am wearing in a La Roux-esque side quiff as I type. The whole world can see just how happy Emma Watson is too – and hopefully with her at the helm the world will bear witness to a new cropped era for 2011.

The soundtrack to this post was Jamie Woon – Night Air. Thank you to my brother for introducing me to it.

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  1. Thank you! I really loved writing this post because, having short hair, I can relate to Emma and explain the advantages of having short hair! I’m sick of people thinking it’s not very feminine – look at Emma and Jean!

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

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