Skinted and Minted: Brown Leather Satchels

Beige Chelsea Girl Vintage Satchel, £79.99, River Island

Beige Chelsea Girl Vintage Satchel, £79.99, River Island

I spotted this brown leather satchel whilst browsing online in River Island and thought it a quirky take on the Mulberry Alexa which has been imitated by every shop on the high street this year.I know it’s impossible for any look-alikes to be anywhere near as good as the real thing – but considering that the Mulberry Alexa costs £766, and few of us can actually afford to buy one, it’s not bad. I really like satchel style bags and I think I will be investing in one for spring (not a Mulberry one though – I wish!) I also particularly like this one as it is a) 100% real leather, so it should be pretty decent quality and last for a while, b) it is quite simple and subtle whilst still being stylish, and c) being brown it can work year-round and with most outfits and colour palettes.

Mulberry Alexa in Brown, £766

Alexa in Oak Soft Buffalo, Mulberry, £766

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  1. i wanted to know where i could find a satchel just like the one from River Island. I really wanted to get one but unfortunatley they no longer had it in stock!

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