It’s not a blouse, it’s a shirt.

Back in October I found myself in H&M (not an unusual occurrence I can tell you) buying an electric blue cotton shirt. Up until this point, shirts = school/work and would conjure up in my mind an image of too tight collars, cuffs so starched that the buttons wouldn’t do up, and a general feeling of shapelessness. Oh and the colour white (although now I recall that white is a tone. Oh well). This being the case, I wasn’t quite sure what possessed me to purchase this particularly shirt – but on reflection I think it must have been the colour; such a vivid blue and a colour which I don’t normally wear. £7.99 seemed very reasonable and I figured that I would find some use or other for it. Two months later and it was hanging untouched in my wardrobe in exactly the same place where I put it on the day of purchase. Considering I was once told very wisely that when buying an item of clothing, if you haven’t worn it within three weeks then you never will, I began to regret buying it.

Then a miracle happened – I woke up one morning and knew exactly how I could wear the shirt. It had dawned on me that it wasn’t that I didn’t want to wear it – I simply didn’t have anything to wear it with (being a person who hasn’t owned a pair of jeans in a year). This problem had been solved, however, by the new acquisition of some grey skinny trousers, which when teamed with some black wedges, a black tank top with the blue shirt worn on top (I forgot to mention that the shirt is transparent!) and a very beautifully made fitted vintage jacket looked really quite dashing if I say so myself.

Thus, I now have a new-found love of shirts and have purchased three more only this week – one identical to the blue but in black, one rather monochrome in black and white stripes and one a rather striking purple and black vertical stripe silky affair found rather surprisingly in the M&S January sale! I think the reason why I’ve suddenly started wearing them is that they affirm my belief in feminism and give me a sense of power – much like Chloé’s AW10 workwear pieces which I raved about back in the summer in my post Fashion’s dark horse. My favourite way to wear shirts is tucked into drainpipe trousers with the sleeves rolled up and the collar open and topped off with a pair of wedges/heels. After all – if you see a women in an office dressed like this then you know she means business.