Speaking of outfits…

Helena Bonham Carter wearing Vivienne Westwood

Helena Bonham Carter wearing Vivienne Westwood

At the golden globes only Helena Bonham Carter was having any fun in her suitably weird and wonderful Vivienne Westwood creation with odd heels to match (and I don’t just mean odd as in strange, I mean odd as in she wore a different colour shoe on each foot). If it were anyone else we would scoff at her ridiculously wacky choice of dress, but she is a national treasure and we know her for wearing these kind of quirky verging on mad outfits. She is a style icon purely because of her unique dress sense and the reason that she doesn’t care what the media think – she will wear something because she likes it and because it reflects her personality – not to get in their “best dressed” lists, and this is precisely why she does!

The reason she can pull it off?

She’s Helena Bonham Carter.

Enough said.

Leading on from my love of show-business’ wackiest woman  I saw ‘The King’s Speech’ on Saturday and was extremely impressed. I knew it would be good, after all, these are world-class actors who get their pick of scripts, but I didn’t think it would be that good. And it was. Helena Bonham Carter is such a versatile actress. We’ve established she’s wacky, yes, but she is definitely able to create very different characters on set. She went from being a beautiful and emotional young woman in Howard’s End to a kind, motherly figure in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to a mad woman who made people into pies in Sweeney Todd. She has succeeded in scaring most of the world as Bellatrix L’Estrange in Harry Potter, and amused many as The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Going from these weird roles back into playing Enid Blyton in recent BBC docudrama, Enid, and then again as a youngish Queen Mother in The King’s Speech shows just how versatile she really is.  I have yet to watch a Helena Bonham Carter film I didn’t enjoy. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were amazing too, but we can save them for another film-y post!

Now let’s see where everybody stands on this dress!

4 thoughts on “Speaking of outfits…

  1. I can’t vote either way! I don’t like the dress at all, but I think that there are some people (HBC, for example) who deliberately wear ugly clothes, and because they’re doing it deliberately, they rock it and are above criticism.

  2. I am definitely on the pro HBC side of this debate; Lady Jane, Room With A View and then more recently Enid and Sweeny Todd – all fantastic. I think if you are married to Tim Burton, a little craziness is expected. There aren’t many people who would wear odd shoes on the red carpet and rock it the way that she does!

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