Hairbands Vs Headphones

When I walk anywhere on my own I always listen to music through my trusty headphones. But these aren’t just any old headphones, oh no. These are over-the-head, black, Sony headphones that are very visible and rather big. Compared to iPod headphones they are: much better quality, so much cheaper, and make the bass amazing. They also look very cool. I use my headphones all the time so I never have to think twice about putting them on. I did the other day however, you know why? Because I was already wearing a hairband. Now I love hairbands and more often than not can be found wearing one – I own many as they suit my short elfin hair do. But when my hairbands come up against my headphones in pecking order I’m never quite sure of what to do.


Sony Headphones MDR V150

Sony Headphones MDR V150

The problem is that I never really like wearing my hair “on its own” – it always needs either a hat or a hairband or I spike it up into a huge side quiff (warning: using hairspray to make a quiff stay in places causes continual choking throughout the day whenever you shake your head!). This being the case my hairbands always have to battle with a colourful piece of plastic or wool on the top of my head.

I do get a few funny looks when I wear the two together though – whether it is my hairband protruding from underneath my headphones or just my general attire – I shall never know. So the upshot of this is, in situations where it doesn’t seem appropriate to wear both a hairband and headphones – which do you wear?

Hairbands or Headphones?

All I can listen to at the minute is:

Travelogue by Joni Mitchell – The whole album is amazing but especially the tracks “Dream Flat Tyres” “Love” and “Sire of Sorrow”.

Aretha by Rumer.

Northern Lights by Renaissance.

Sincerely Jane by Janelle Monae.

And on rather a summery note…

Georgy Girl by The Seekers – I’ve always loved this song (I am one of those people who whistles constantly!) because it makes me think of shopping in the summer – much the same as “Hometown Glory” by Adele.

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