Anyone for tennis?

Jonathan Saunders, SS11

Jonathan Saunders, SS11

Clean and simple, this beautiful piece of tailoring from Jonathan Saunders doesn’t so much scream summer as whisper it silkily in your ear. Effortlessly elegant – this ensemble calls out for a game of tennis, a glass of lemonade and a crowd of admirers.

3 thoughts on “Anyone for tennis?

  1. Clothes like these make me long for summer! I agree, for me the feel is distinctly thirties tennis star – it needs to be worn with white brogues and a vintage tennis racket, while one is eating strawberries and cream!
    I just had a look at your post on Helena Bonham Carter, and was once again impressed by your eloquent writing. I agree about her versatility as an actor. Apologies if you mentioned it in the post, but did you see her in ‘Toast’? I thought she was brilliant, and it was such a departure from her usual style.

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