The Month of Orange

Harper's Bazaar collaborate the 'orange' of the catwalk

Harper's Bazaar collaborate the 'orange' of the catwalk

Hello February! For some strange reason my brain is wired to associate the rather bleak and dismal month of February with the colour orange. Don’t ask me why – I have no idea. I don’t really wear a lot of orange and it isn’t really a popular make-up colour (has anyone ever actually seen an orange eye shadow?!) but I would like to start as it is such a lovely warm and homey colour. Some of the best things in the world are orange: oranges, obviously, marmalade, penguin book covers, sanctuary bath products. It’s a satisfying list but not a very long one and this is the point I am trying to make…The colour orange should be used more! In art, fashion, transport, advertising, interior design – the list goes on!

In an attempt to bring more ‘orange’ into my life I purchased an 80s cross-over jumper from Cow Vintage at the weekend. It isn’t particularly outlandish or showy – it is, quite simply, a very comfortable jumper in a cosy and warm shade of orange. And it was £4 which I was pretty pleased with! Another spark of orange appeared in the form of some beautiful orange wool I was given last week. The wool is such a lovely colour and so I have already whipped myself up a big hairband with a bow on top to wear during ‘The Month of Orange’.

I love the vividness of orange and the way that it instantly makes me think of the 60s – a time when people weren’t afraid of wearing bright colours EVERY DAY. I used to have a pair of patent orange opened-toed sandals which I wore all the time. People would tut at me wearing of such a brightly coloured shoe in Winter and I’d always think “What IS their problem? If I want to wear patent orange shoes then I will because they make me smile”. Oh well, at least they noticed them.

Just out of interest did anybody prefer the last blog theme? I wanted a change but it didn’t feel like my blog so I changed back. I think I prefer the layout of this theme and everything isn’t squashed into the middle. I have also just realised that we are already 1/12th of the way through the year –  how long ago does Christmas seem?

But fear not for summer, although still a distance away, is on the horizon.

This song is for Lisa.

Here Comes The Sun – Nina Simone

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  1. Mmm, marmalade, Penguin book covers and Sanctuary bath products…that’s heaven right there – good point, well made! It’s funny, I never liked it as a colour until I bought my sister an amazing BCBG skirt in orange PVC leather. In fact, click here to see it! (this is like playing tennis, no?!) I might be tempted by orange shoes – I’m always braver with accessories…

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