Mummified Scissors

My take on "Mummified Scissors"

My take on “Mummified Scissors”

Back in October Roz of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee (who I mentioned a couple of weeks ago here) started up her own blog project which was designed to outsource to bloggers all over the world. The concept was very simple: to “mummify” (as in wrap up) a pair of craft or nail scissors using materials such as silk and ribbons to wear either as a necklace or just to display in a room for general inspiration. Roz summed up her reasons for starting the project perfectly by saying,

“This is a DIY, make-your-own, wear or give away ‘product’. I’d like to see if it’s possible to ‘market’ the concept of an unusual but easy to make piece of jewellery that is made and worn, but NOT sold”.

It is rather late for me to post the mummified scissors I have created four months after the project began, but I wanted to make them and Roz said that she would like to see them. I know that the original concept was to use scraps of silk and ribbons etc. but I wanted to use wool instead. I’m a very woolly person – a constant knitter and wool hoarder; currently three huge jute bags full! –  and as it’s still very wintery I decided to make use of some of my stock! I’m also very much an advocate for thick woolly jumpers (especially 80s numbers!) as I am permanently chilly. I used my new favourite wool, a deep orange rowan yarn, to wrap the scissors in and after about 45 minutes experimenting to try to find the most successful manner in which to wrap them I finally completed them.

You can read about the project in full here on Roz’s blog and also take a look at the very lovely and diverse collection of mummified scissors created by Roz and fellow bloggers.

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  1. Ahah i wrote shoe instead of shoelace! Sorry I meant the yarn at first sight could represent either the wool in a jumper or a hanging shoelace! That was just my own opinion on the picture! Good job on it anyway!

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