Revelling in my solitude

Today the infamous British weather is really messing me around – this morning it was cold, then later on it was sunny, then it went really cloudy and started raining and now it is sunny again! Argh! Anyway, it has confined me to my house under the correct assumption that I’m not too keen on stepping outside when it appears to be sunny and it starting to pour down when I’m 20 yards down the road. This being the case I’ve roped myself into the challenge of tidying my room and although this may sounds mind-numbingly boring it is rather exciting when I find an object that I had either forgotten I owned or presumed lost. So far this morning I’ve already re-discovered several pieces of jewellery, a paperweight, a lovely paperblanks notebook (expensive but very cool), a personalised Christmas bauble which I always forget to put on the tree and then promptly find again in January and various other bits and pieces from years gone by.

I was really pleased when I came across this pendant as I’d forgotten I owned it! I love it’s simple beauty, the vintage feel and the fact that as it is quite long it fits over my head without me having to faff around with a fiddly catch at the back.

On the inside cover of this notebook is a quote which reads:

“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears”.


2 thoughts on “Revelling in my solitude

  1. Oh, today in Ireland we have similar weather, just in evening rain didn’t stop raining 😦
    That notebook is amazing and so beautiful quote. I so love beautiful notebooks, I just can’t resist in store not buying some. Now I have few of them span- new. haha.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    xoxo Ra

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