The fun of the (vintage) fair

 At the weekend I attended a great local vintage fair and as my idea of a perfect Sunday morning is rows upon rows of vintage stalls selling clothes, shoes, scarves, bags, jewellery etc it really was rather enjoyable! I also came away with some great buys including: two 80s jumpers, four handmade vintage style greetings cards, two silk scarves, a ball of wool from the 60s which has never been used(!) and two really cute  beaded hair clips.

Quirky, cute and only £1 for the pair!

I had to dispense with my original outfit idea as the weather wasn’t exactly fine and so opted for some grey skinny trousers, my electric blue shirt from H&M, a vintage navy cardigan, an electric blue beret (to match the shirt), a black woollen trench, a bluey/greeny scarf I knitted and my trusty converse. Yes, Mary Janes are all very well to wear with dresses to summer tea parties, but when you’re doubled over rifling through baskets of scarves whilst trying to hold the items you’ve already purchased then converse really are necessary!

I was really flattered when one of the organisers asked if she could take my photo to use on their website as she said I looked great(!) and I received lots of lovely comments about my beret. I find it really quite hilarious that my photo is captioned as it is! According to a web definition “Panache is a word of French origin that carries the connotation of a flamboyant manner and reckless courage”!!! Reckless courage?! I am honoured! Anyway,  I always find that people are very warm and welcoming at events such as these as all the attendees share a common interest: vintage. It is also really interesting to see the different ways people interpret vintage dressing. Some of the ladies wore 40s dresses with fur coats, matching hats and t-bar shoes with perfectly rolled hair and dark red lips. But some of them wore skinny jeans, 80s jumpers, leg warmers, converse and bright red lips. Both looks are vintage and both are great – but there always seems to be a little animosity between the different, well, eras I suppose. Hmmm, maybe animosity is too strong a word but the decades are perhaps just a little clique-ish when it comes down to it.

"Patterns" greetings card

Personally I love 20s flapper dresses, 40s hats, 60s mini dresses, 70s shirts, and 80s jumpers. I don’t feel like I need to ‘belong’ to a certain decade – I simply wear the designs and colours I like and it doesn’t matter if they were made 20 years ago or 50 years ago. I can definitely say that the item I wear most of is 80s jumpers, and I suppose they are the most ‘me’. I always wear bright colours and always accessorize with either a beret, a hair slide or one of my self-knitted woollen hairbands. But I also like wearing a particular navy and white 40s dress with white mary janes and red lips. It isn’t illegal to mix and match the decades!

Electric blue 60s wool

I have a bit of a thing for anything electric blue at the moment!

I always wear what I want, how I want no matter what anyone else thinks, and I for one cannot WAIT to wear my new multicoloured 80s jumper (a photo will soon follow!) which bears the words: Lots Of Fun.

That is exactly what I will have when wearing the jumper – Lots Of Fun.

9 thoughts on “The fun of the (vintage) fair

  1. I’m not a vintage purist – I like to mix my vintage clothes with contemporary pieces and other eras. And I love seeing all the decades together in one place! However, my favourites are from the twenties to sixties.
    I love your blue beret, it’s really eyecatching. Nice to see a photo of you too!

  2. I was the organiser who took your picture! How could I not do so? You looked fab!

    Totally agree about mixing up vintage and not being purist or precious about it. The ‘magpie’ approach is what creates exciting new looks. But then there’s also people who love to dress in authentic period outfits, correct to the last detail, and there’s something quite admirable about their dedication too.

    The next Vintage Village fair is at Stockport Market Hall on Sunday 13th March, btw 😉

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