Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede ShoesI’ve heard and read many times that you should judge a man by the shoes he wears. That doesn’t actually have anything whatsoever to do with this post but it seemed to be a good opening sentence. What this post is really about is how a pair of shoes can have the ability to either make or break an outfit. This is a problem that I have quite often as I am not a person who has a whole rack full of shoes in every colour shape and style imaginable. I have size eight feet which is often a problem when shoe shopping as there aren’t many retailers who actually stock size eight plus shoes and those who do often only sell a limited range. This being the case I like to buy shoes which I know will last a while and be versatile.

For example, I don’t know what I would have done without my Fly London boots this year as I have worn them to death! Being black they go with just about any outfit and as they are patent and have a rubber wedge they are versatile enough to work with a smart-ish dress or just casually with a skirt or trousers. The £45 I paid for them was perhaps the most well spent money in the history of my wardrobe and they have been a staple item ever since I bought them over a year ago.

This is all very well, but so far there has been no reference to the title of this post you may think. Well, in the last week of January I went for a mooch in what was left of the sales and found myself in Clarks trying on a rather delectable pair of blue suede wedges. They were marked down from £60 to £15, were real leather on the inside, were exceptionally comfortable, fitted me perfectly and I could actually walk in them. Sold!

Extreme Editing!

Extreme Editing! I just love the vividness of the blue when the colour is so saturated.

Note: the blue socks I’m wearing with the shoes were £3 from Topshop and are one of the three Topshop items I own (the other two being pyjamas and a blue knit dress). I generally don’t tend to buy things from Topshop as I have some issues with their sizing and pricing (have a read of this post for a proper explanation) but for £3 I thought that the socks would look pretty with mary janes, and indeed these blue wedges.

4 thoughts on “Blue Suede Shoes

  1. I’m so glad you agree! I just had to get it out there. And you’re one of the good ones too – unique, not flaunting what you can afford, and putting vintage to good use!!

    I absolutely adore these shoes. Idk why, but I love reference clothes – like “blue suede shoes”, from the song, or red coats with hoods (little red riding hood). I just think it’s fun. And those socks are divine with them. I got some cool lace tights this weekend that feel similar!

  2. What a find! They’ll be great for spring/summer, whenever it finally comes (I want it now!). I tend to associate Clarks with my childhood shoes, which were great (mary janes with clowns on, oh yes), and lots of really dull sensible shoes. Clearly I am going to have to give them a second look! For a bit of fashion fun you could go all out with the elvis references: a white jumpsuit and a quiff perhaps :).

    I will admit to being a fan of the old Toppers for the most part, but their trousers and jeans are beyond horrific in fit, fabric, style etc etc. Who exactly are they designing these garments for, slender ruminants from the African serengeti? :P.


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