To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Just a quick post this evening about Twitter regarding its effect on blogging: as myself and many other bloggers will know, Twitter is a place where you can talk about blogs, refer to particular posts and most commonly discuss mutually interesting topics. Twitter is unique in the way that it gives Joe Bloggs the ability to say something directly to someone they don’t know, a famous person perhaps, and in the blogging world this is hand in particular as it enables bloggers to converse with fellow bloggers in a way which just isn’t possible on a blog comment. Yes it’s a bit tricky sometimes saying all that you want to in 140 characters – but that’s the beauty of it – because it prevents people doing what I am now – beating about the bush and saying something that realistically could have been out into one sentence.

I am in no way a Twitter expert – I’ve used it on and off for a few months and only recently have begun using all of its features to their full capability. In my opinion it is an excellent tool for bloggers who want to connect and talk to other bloggers, promote their own and other people’s posts and say exactly what they think in very few words. Sometimes I log onto Twitter just for the amusement of seeing what is ‘trending’ worldwide – i.e. the most popular words/phrases being typed on twitter at the time.

I read an interesting article on the Independent Fashion Bloggers site earlier today entitled “How essential is Twitter to your blog?” and I agreed with the majority of points it highlighted. Take a look at the article – I’d be interested to hear you feedback. Have you embraced our new culture of tweeting, or do you not understand what all the fuss is about?

Finally, if after reading all of that you do want to follow me on Twitter I am @AThereseFashion or you can follow the link on the right hand sidebar. Happy tweeting!