As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on Twitter, here are the links to two interesting articles from The Times. The first, Now you’ve no excuse to be Twitter-illiterate, references the injunction and super-injunction controversies of the past week in relation to the part that Twitter played in it all – with tens of thousands of people tweeting what the press could not. The second, All you ever wanted to know about Twitter… but were afraid to ask, is  a step-by-step guide to everything you could possibly need to know about Twitter from who to follow to what’s the point? Even for experienced Tweeters it is worth a read for further suggestions of whom to follow. I have to agree with the latter article that the tweets of @Queen_UK (an anonymous person suggesting our sovereign’s daily musings such as “Denmark has banned Marmite. Seriously considering banning Denmark.”) are really rather hilarious.


One thought on “Afterthought

  1. As someone incredibly new to twitter too, I find the whole thing a little strange – and somewhat addictive (which I think is something to be careful of). However, I agree that it affords a higher level of accessibility than blogging (although, I am of the rambling sort – I find the character limit frustrating sometimes), and an ability to converse with other readers and bloggers instantly. What with all these interesting looking Times articles, I wish it wasn’t subscription only!

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