Star-spangled – the redemption of Christopher Kane

I first spied Christopher Kane’s Resort 2011 collection is my copy of December Vogue, and what a beautiful issue it was! For starters, Emma Watson and her (then) newly cropped hair graced the front cover, looking suitably elfin and festive in a sparkly dress (if you want to read a post dedicated entirely to Ms Watson’s hair click here), and arriving as it did on November 2nd it offered that first excitement that the festive season, and most importantly Christmas Party Dresses were nearly upon us! It was Mr Christopher Kane and his mesmerising, cosmic prints, however, that had me hooked. To view the entire collection – and I implore you to – go to, but first here’s a few of my absolute favourites…

Now, as to the title of this post. A while ago I posted about my disappointment on viewing Mr Kane’s AW10 collection – the leather, pvc, lace and flowers were all a bit too much for me. However, the last line of that post was “Roll on Spring/Summer 2011 is all I can say”, and although I’m not completely taken with his SS11 collection, it’s safe to say that he’s charmed me back to his clothes with a little inspiration from the universe.

6 thoughts on “Star-spangled – the redemption of Christopher Kane

  1. I find that with a lot of collections it takes a while for it to grow on me, I didnt like this one but it has slow burned its way into my heart. The embroidered leather was my favorite collection he has ever done!

  2. The neon lace is taking a little while to grow on me, but I was in love with this collection right from the off. Simply beautiful, although I’m not so keen on the choice of shoes in these pictures! x

  3. Now, I have to admit that Christopher Kane is not always my cup of tea. However, there is something really magical – particularly about the first and last outfit – in your selection.
    And on an entirely different subject, I very much appreciated your thought-provoking response to my Lucy Siegle/ fast fashion post. The questions you ask about who bears the ‘guilt’ when buying second hand really do make one think. For that very reason, I have not bought any ‘fast’ high street (or, indeed Supermarket: ‘George’ is a major culprit) brands from charity shops for the last year. I think my take on buying new now is to do as I already do – buying very little new, but also to be prepared to pay more for each item – so long as I can assure myself that the person who made the item has directly benefited from a higher price tag when the garment reaches retail. Yes, i did watch Blood, Sweat and T-shirts when it was on. It was eye-opening to say the least and supported the unease I already felt about cheap, pile-em high clothing with the evidence to justify my developing stance.

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