An (imagined) vision in purple

Just wanted to:

a) Thank everyone who commented on yesterday’s post for their thoughts and suggestions – I appreciate them all!

b) Start the first of my ‘new’ posts off with an outfit description. No photo unfortunately, so I suppose I”ll just have to be extra-descriptive!

c) Let you know that tomorrow’s post includes photos of my latest knitting project!

But let’s get on with the task in hand. This ‘heatwave’ and  ‘drought’ that is affecting certain southerly parts of Britain hasn’t extended to the whole of the nation so unfortunately it feels more like January than June. This being the case I’ve gone for a thin, dark purple jumper (£7 in a Debenhams sale some years ago) underneath a thick, Winter skater dress in a silvery turquoise colour (again, £7 in a sale, this time in New Look two years ago). Continuing with the purple theme I’m sporting thermal tights (!) ok, ok it’s probably not that cold but they’re the only ones I have which match exactly! I highly recommend Elle tights to anybody who, like me, loves to wear dresses in Winter (or Summer for that matter!) but who suffers from the cold. This pair were £5 from TK Maxx but they do them in other colours too, and I’m tempted to buy myself a pair in dark turquoise if they’re still selling them.

My brown Winter boots came back out of the wardrobe as did my brown leather jacket and I topped it off with a purple headband which has a HUGE purple flower made out of lacey material sewn onto it. I love wearing outfits like this – the skater dress and the leather jacket are are opposite ends of the fashion spectrum. The first says “look at me in my swishy skater skirt” and the second says “please, I’m a leather jacket  – I can be worn with anything and still look good. Even skater dresses”. Oh, if only clothes could talk.

On a different note, do any of the literary inspired of you out there have any book suggestions for me? Please let me know in a comment if you do! Next on my list is Lucy Siegle’s new book which discusses the effects of fast fashion “To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World?” but I am looking for some engaging fiction to get my teeth into too. I think a peruse around the reviews section of a few broadsheet newspapers is required…

Image via weheartit – I just think it shows the beauty of the colour purple.

One thought on “An (imagined) vision in purple

  1. Goodness does a silvery turquoise skater dress sound pretty!! And I love everything about the purple in the photo. Definitely one of my favorite shades.

    I’ve been knitting for around that amount of time too! Since I won’t have my sewing machine in NY I plan on doing TONS of knitting in my down time – I can’t wait to explore the yarn shops there!!

    Books – I’m more of a non-fiction girl myself, and am currently working through ‘The Art of Choosing’, a reflection on how people make choices in their daily lives. It is beyond fascinating to me. I also love Michael Pollan anything.

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