The autumnal effects of June weather

In the United Kingdom, June is a strange month of the year. Everyone rushes out to buy summer clothes on the first day the sun so much as peeps out from behind the permanent cloud cover we as a nation are subjected to, but as soon as it disappears we all retreat back into our Winter wardrobe – dismal at the prospect of yet another Summer passing without so much as a day of full sun, blue sky and a temperature that exceeds 20 degrees. (Does anyone remember the Summer of 2008? We renamed it the ‘Olympic Summer’ as all we did was stay inside and watch the Olympics everyday the weather was so appalling!). Looking out of my window now, on June 12th, it is grey, windy and pour with rain. From this position I cannot assess the temperature, though considering I’m sat inside and wrapped up in a thermal top, jumper and jumper dress complete with thick woolly tights I think it’s fair to say that the cold from outside is seeping into the house. Uh oh, I’ve just spent the best part of 200 words rambling about the weather – you will have to forgive me a I am British and therefore do not know any better!

It is this kind of weather that almost makes me wish for autumnal clothes, isn’t that awful?! Because of the weather I simply cannot be bothered customising my summer wardrobe to make it suitable for chilly days and would rather skip this season in favour of my woolly winter clothes again! I do not think I am entirely to blame for this frame of mind however – what with the fashion magazines already advertising AW11 collections we seem to be in this constant rush to change our wardrobes and start wearing the trends half a year early. Yes I love fashion, but it’s moments like this when I am relieved that I can step back from the crowd and wear what I want to, irrespective of whether or not the particular colour or material of my outfit happens to be ‘in’ this season or not. One of the advantages of being an advocate of vintage clothing is that someone can never say to you (ok, maybe not this clichéd) ‘that is soooooo last season’ because you would simply be able to reply, ‘Last season, you’re about 30 years out love’.

 This lack of summery weather has led me to do quite a bit of knitting of late. Normally the  majority of my knitting takes place when I’m on holiday – when I have the time to curl up on  my bed or in front of the tv with my 8mm needles and a ball of chunky wool, but what with  this weather I’ve felt the need to be close to warm objects – hence the wool! A while back a  friend was kind enough to give me two huge jute bags full of wool she no longer wanted, and  since then I have been steadily working my way through them. The most recent item I have  knitted is this scarf for my cousin – knitted out of a fuzzy red wool on 8mm needles in elongated stitch (not as fancy or as difficult as it sounds! Any questions about the scarf or knitting in general just leave a comment or drop me an email). My next project is a hat to match!

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