The French Girl

Noir is a very satisfying word to say. It’s one of those words which has to be spoken in a French accent to give it justice and I’ve always thought that the sound of the word really suits its meaning. Immediately images of smoky jazz clubs in 1920s Paris occupy my mind – the people, the clothes, the music – everything. I would love to visit Paris. I’d go on my own and shop to my heart’s content. I’d visit  The Louvre and go up the Eiffel Tower so I could drink in the entire city. I’d sit in a cafe drinking hot chocolate, eating croissants, reading, writing and watching the world go by. This is my idea of the perfect holiday. Obviously all of the shopping and sight-seeing and eating would have to be done in suitably French outfits – my mission for the duration of my stay would be to blend in with the French students and appear as cool and as effortlessly chic as they do.

I’ve been in a very French mood the past few days – I think it’s something to do with my finding a Carolina Herrera top in a charity shop for £5. Even though she is a New York designer this top just feels French. It is long-sleeved with a little rollneck and is black. It has these brilliant white stripes down both sides and white squares on the top of the shoulders. I feel like a cross between a 90s minimalist and a Max Mara collection.

I’ve been wearing the top with grey skinny trousers (I’m currently on a hunt for a black pair which will complete the look) and my black wedges from H&M. Going down the French route even more I’ve been sporting my black beret and a fake Chanel scarf I bought at a vintage fair. Of course I knew it wasn’t real – it was £3! Oh and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume which is a heavenly scent and probably as near to any ‘real’ Chanel as I’ll ever get!

Recently I was visiting a friend in hospital and one of the porters asked me in all seriousness if I was French (I was wearing skinny jeans, black mary janes, a black cashmere jumper and a black beret). Laughing, I told him I was not, but that it had been my aim in dressing to appear so. I felt quite complimented actually!

Hopefully there will soon be a part two of this post where I can show you the actual outfit! At the moment I have three Paris-inspired outfits so if I can I’ll get some snaps of those too! Now, a few images which sum up the way I envisage Paris and its (well-dressed) people  to be…

Clémence Poésy

Parisian Girl

French Vogue

Jean Seberg

4 thoughts on “The French Girl

  1. Carolina Herrera in a charity shop? Ooh I’m jealous, what a find! Can’t wait to see some pictures, your outfits are always gorgeous :). xx

  2. SO sorry to hear about your wrist. What on earth happened?? How delightful to be asked if you are French! I’m with you on the magic of an imagined trip to Paris. I was lucky enough to have a day there last year and it really was just how I’d hoped it would be. It left me wanting far, far more than a single day’s roaming though. looking forward to seeing that outfit.

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