Sunday Girl – Part 2

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Blue Suede Shoes

Lots has happened since my last post – my wrist has healed, I’ve been off galavanting in London and my Summer has officially begun! But I don’t want to leave any posts unfinished which is why I want to complete part 2 of my previous post ‘Sunday Girl Part 1’. Now I am at last physically able to tell of my attire and where all the pieces were sourced from I shall!

I bought the dress new, from Next, last Summer. Originally it was a light blue colour (giving the impression of being denim when it’s actually cotton) but I hadn’t had much wear out of it so back in April I decided to dye it dark blue, and since then I’ve worn it so much more!  The scarf in my hair was handed down to me by my Mum (so I suppose it’s vintage!) and the blue socks you can barely see were £3 from Topshop – one of I think three purchases I have ever made from that shop, to see why read my first ever blog post.

The beautifully crafted bag made from re-worked leather was a present and can be seen in more detail in my post from February entitled The Beauty Of Leather, in which the silk scarf tied around it also features. The blue shoes (which are suede – well spotted Roz!) were one of my best ever buys and I found them nestling in a corner in the Clark’s January sale. They were marked down from £60 to £15 and being real suede on the outside and real leather on the inside I just couldn’t resist! In fact, I love them so much that they were featured in their very own post, Blue Suede Shoes, in March.

Re-worked leather bag + vintage scarf

Re-worked leather bag + vintage scarf

2 thoughts on “Sunday Girl – Part 2

  1. Ohhh I do know the dress then!! I tried it on in beige (washed me out). I love the fact that you dyed it – the color is perfect. I’m glad your wrist is better!

    And I’m the same with knitting – I always have a few projects going so I have different levels of concentration to work with. I’m working on a lace shawl with beading (been almost 2 years by now, cause the beads make it so that I have to be at a table concentrating very hard, and a row takes an hour). Then I have my little metallic thing, which is getting really easy now that I’ve mastered the pattern. And I have some forest green yarn that I’m gonna make into an oversized short-sleeve sweater that should be a good tv-watching project.

    Are you working on anything right now? I totally want to knit some lace socks like in your picture! And some cozy winter socks.

  2. I love hearing other people’s DIY stories – I’m glad your dyeing adventure was a success. I once dyed a white dress blue in the washing machines at uni. I was very good and ran the machine on empty a couple of times afterwards to wash the dye out, but I didn’t hang around long enough to find out what happened to the next person’s laundry!

    Thanks for your comment on my thrifty post. I am inclined to agree with you, the bargain is in the eye of the beholder. I’m quite happy to pay what would probably be considered a high street price for a second hand item if it is very special. The result is that charity shopping doesn’t always save me as much money as I would like! I would love to see your Jaeger jumper in a future post :). xx

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