French Summer

High contrast to show the warmth of the belt

Continuing the French theme which has been meandering through my recent posts I thought I’d finally show you some snippets of one of my French outfits. This particular outfit is perfect for summer days, hence the reason I’ve worn it so much recently because hey, this is England!

I bought the high-waisted black shorts in the sale at Warehouse last summer for £17 and I have to say that I’ve had good wear out of them. I had a Debenhams voucher and thought that the shorts would be a staple summer item, alas I was right! Now the blouse has a little side story, being that I discovered it in a newly opened local charity shop and oh the excitement when a new charity shop opens – I thought Christmas had come early! I was attracted to the cream background and the black flowers as my first thought was that it would go well tucked into my Warehouse shorts, and as it was in my size and bore the trusty old St Michael’s label I couldn’t really leave it languishing on the rail could I?!

The same little excursion to this particular charity shop also held the delights of a very reasonable black and gold Jacques Vert 80s blouse and a pale pink tailored jacket. Needless to say I’ll be paying it another visit soon! Clarks sufficed, yet again, in the shoe department in the form of these very comfortable and durable black leather wedged gladiator sandals. I’ve had them for three years and as of yet there’s been no sign of any breaking of the leather or any damage to them whatsoever, and so somehow I think they’ll be my summer companion for years to come.

I have to say that my favourite piece of this ensemble is the belt – such a rich, warm plum colour and it’s texture is one of velour. It was passed down to me by my Mum and I fancied showcasing it with this outfit. I attempted to pull the belt down lower to give an air of the shorts being ‘paperbag’ shorts and I’m not too sure whether my efforts are very apparent. Either way I really enjoyed wearing this outfit – I felt very fifties with my high-waisted shorts and cats eyes sunglasses (though were they fifties? If anyone knows the answer please let me know in the comments!) and the blouse can  also work buttoned to the neck and with the sleeves rolled down.

Unfortunately no shots of my black beret but I was wearing it as well! That is what becomes of photographing oneself without a tripod! Hope everyone is enjoying this warmish weather we’ve been having, and here’s to it continuing!

4 thoughts on “French Summer

  1. I rather like the fact that we get just glimpses of the outfit here. I’d have been similarly thrilled to find that blouse. I love items like that as I know they will be hanging in my wardrobe year after year, earning their keep. Good to get a close up of those fabulous blue suede shoes in your last post too. What a beauty of a bargain!

  2. Love the shorts, I’ve been keeping and eye out for some high waisted shorts forever but I still haven’t found the right pair. I always keep and eye out for the St Michaels label too, the quality is usually really good. This blouse was a find, and I’m super jealous of your new charity shop, I yearn for one of those. I’ve donated so much stuff to my local recently that most of the stuff on display used to belong to me!

  3. I LOVE this blouse!! Going thrift shopping this weekend, so excited.

    YES PLEASE on the yarn pictures! That sounds amazing! Speaking of lace, I’ve always wanted to take a tatting class. I think it would be so fascinating.

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