Dorothy Meets Glastonbury

Being able to pick a single item out of my wardrobe and team it with a collection of other mis-matched purchases to create a unique outfit is perhaps my favourite aspect of my love affair with fashion. This is what I imagine Dorothy (she of Wizard Of Oz fame) would wear to attend the Glastonbury Festival, although she’ll have to be patient as the next time thousands of people will be greeted with open arms on a Somerset farm won’t be until 2013; the fields need to recover and what with the Olympics going on Britain doesn’t have enough portaloos as it is!

I digress. Anyway, this is a modern-day Dorothy. She’s done away with the blue and white Gingham in favour of a more masculine take on the festival look: a charity shopped men’s Levi’s shirt cinched in with a handed down black and gold buckle belt. Dorothy is still a feminine dresser at heart, however, and can’t resist accessorising the rather industrial denim with a vintage gold brooch she picked up at a jumble sale in the Emerald City. She was reliably informed by the lady on the stall that the brooch formed part of an extensive 1950s collection a wealthy elderly lady who lived locally had owned before she passed away and that the jewellery had been donated to the sale by her family. On hearing this Dorothy also purchased a rather ornate scarf clip with which she will probably adorning another outfit in the near future.

The blue tights (an ancient purchase from New Look) were necessary as although the festival takes place in the South of England, it is important to remember that this is still England and therefore the weather is extremely unpredictable. Despite wellies being advised, Dorothy just couldn’t bring herself to part with her ruby slippers; although Toto was regrettably resigned to remaining at home in Kansas. Unfortunately this means Dorothy won’t convincingly be able to once again speak that immortal line “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more”. The red shoes pictured above aren’t Dorothy’s favourite ruby slippers – her prized pair are under lock and key at home, guarded by Toto, meaning this pair are standing in and were bought only last week from the Henry Holland collection at Debenhams.

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8 thoughts on “Dorothy Meets Glastonbury

  1. I keep seeing denim shirts around – I’m starting to think that perhaps I need one in my life! I particularly like the vintage scarf clip. I have a few of my great auntie’s scarf clips and they always add a bit of sparkle to an outfit! x

  2. that’s a quality charity shop find, i would never have guessed with was a mens shirt either i just assumed it was a womens dress. nice one though and nice to hear a little backstory. i always wonder where my vintage/charity shop stuff comes from, though i have been lucky and found stuff in the pockets. i have a tweed blazer and it had a raffle ticket inside from 1968.

    thanks for the comment, UO can see a bit ott in terms of prices in some cases but to be honest the prices of the brands are what i come to expect. the branded stuff will be the same price in their own stores and in other high street ones. say, carharrt, there’s a store just need my work and it’s all the same. i guess it’s in UO to get in more mass appeal. i do understand though and I don’t really by much full price from there, i take it more as inspiration and try find stuff in tkmaxx or vinatge shops. or wait till the sale. they did let me take the levi’s shirt home though.

  3. Oh my goodness I’ve only just noticed this post. I am literally in love with this outfit, navy blue and denim basically sum up my own style. That Levi’s dress is amazing! I do love the way you’ve highlighted every small aspect of the dress, much more original in my opinion that whole portrait shots. And I do love you writing, whimsical and humorous, just what I love! You should definitely consider writing as a degree.
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, it does mean a lot. If you have any questions about doing English Lit I’ll happily help you haha! I have another anecdotal post on Marina and the Diamonds up you might like 😀
    I’ve just got twitter and I’m following you now, and on bloglovin now 🙂
    Christobel x

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