Sunday Girl – Part 2

Extreme Editing!

Blue Suede Shoes

Lots has happened since my last post – my wrist has healed, I’ve been off galavanting in London and my Summer has officially begun! But I don’t want to leave any posts unfinished which is why I want to complete part 2 of my previous post ‘Sunday Girl Part 1’. Now I am at last physically able to tell of my attire and where all the pieces were sourced from I shall!

I bought the dress new, from Next, last Summer. Originally it was a light blue colour (giving the impression of being denim when it’s actually cotton) but I hadn’t had much wear out of it so back in April I decided to dye it dark blue, and since then I’ve worn it so much more!  The scarf in my hair was handed down to me by my Mum (so I suppose it’s vintage!) and the blue socks you can barely see were £3 from Topshop – one of I think three purchases I have ever made from that shop, to see why read my first ever blog post.

The beautifully crafted bag made from re-worked leather was a present and can be seen in more detail in my post from February entitled The Beauty Of Leather, in which the silk scarf tied around it also features. The blue shoes (which are suede – well spotted Roz!) were one of my best ever buys and I found them nestling in a corner in the Clark’s January sale. They were marked down from £60 to £15 and being real suede on the outside and real leather on the inside I just couldn’t resist! In fact, I love them so much that they were featured in their very own post, Blue Suede Shoes, in March.

Re-worked leather bag + vintage scarf

Re-worked leather bag + vintage scarf


Sunday Girl – Part 1

This post is very different to what I usually write on the blog as I have managed to sprain my wrist which is now being supported in a splint (basically a sheet of metal strapped to my hand and lower arm to stop me from moving it). That being said, hand-writing is impossible and typing is proving rather difficult and painful. In case you were wondering, this splint is the reason my right hand and lower arm are hidden in each of the photos! So without further a do, here is today’s outfit. Normal (lengthier!) posts will be resumed as soon as my wrist is healed. Let’s call this post ‘part 1’, and I will elaborate on where each item was from and how I have styled it when I get rid of this splint…

An (imagined) vision in purple

Just wanted to:

a) Thank everyone who commented on yesterday’s post for their thoughts and suggestions – I appreciate them all!

b) Start the first of my ‘new’ posts off with an outfit description. No photo unfortunately, so I suppose I”ll just have to be extra-descriptive!

c) Let you know that tomorrow’s post includes photos of my latest knitting project!

But let’s get on with the task in hand. This ‘heatwave’ and  ‘drought’ that is affecting certain southerly parts of Britain hasn’t extended to the whole of the nation so unfortunately it feels more like January than June. This being the case I’ve gone for a thin, dark purple jumper (£7 in a Debenhams sale some years ago) underneath a thick, Winter skater dress in a silvery turquoise colour (again, £7 in a sale, this time in New Look two years ago). Continuing with the purple theme I’m sporting thermal tights (!) ok, ok it’s probably not that cold but they’re the only ones I have which match exactly! I highly recommend Elle tights to anybody who, like me, loves to wear dresses in Winter (or Summer for that matter!) but who suffers from the cold. This pair were £5 from TK Maxx but they do them in other colours too, and I’m tempted to buy myself a pair in dark turquoise if they’re still selling them.

My brown Winter boots came back out of the wardrobe as did my brown leather jacket and I topped it off with a purple headband which has a HUGE purple flower made out of lacey material sewn onto it. I love wearing outfits like this – the skater dress and the leather jacket are are opposite ends of the fashion spectrum. The first says “look at me in my swishy skater skirt” and the second says “please, I’m a leather jacket  – I can be worn with anything and still look good. Even skater dresses”. Oh, if only clothes could talk.

On a different note, do any of the literary inspired of you out there have any book suggestions for me? Please let me know in a comment if you do! Next on my list is Lucy Siegle’s new book which discusses the effects of fast fashion “To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World?” but I am looking for some engaging fiction to get my teeth into too. I think a peruse around the reviews section of a few broadsheet newspapers is required…

Image via weheartit – I just think it shows the beauty of the colour purple.

The beauty of leather

Re-worked leather bag + vintage scarf

Re-worked leather bag + vintage scarf

Isn’t leather beautiful? Comfortable, good quality, practical and good to look at – it ticks all the boxes for the material of choice for shoes, jackets and bags. There is a particular leather bag that I want to tell you about today which was given to me as a lovely gift a couple of months ago. The bag in question is a mini-satchel style vintage shoulder bag – re-worked from its original shape into the beautiful dark brown leather bag it is now.

Most of my handbags are really quite bulky with big shoulder straps as when pottering around charity shops and buying little bits and bobs it’s easier to put them in my handbag instead of being given an extra little plastic bag. This way I can keep my hands free whilst saving the planet at the same time. However there are times when all I really need is a little bag or when a shoulder bag doesn’t really go with my outfit. This is when my beautiful leather bag comes in handy – just large enough to fit in my phone, keys, purse and lipstick it really is quite chic. Being brown it goes with most colour palettes and my new favourite way of accessorising bags is to tie a bright, silky scarf around the strap to add a bit of colour.

Explore Australia vintage scarf

Explore Australia vintage scarf

The scarf pictured is a huge map of Australia in bright yellow, with a deep turquoise border. Around the edges of the map are featured drawings of the native birds and animals of Australia. I found the scarf whilst rummaging through a huge case of silk scarves at a vintage fair before Christmas and with it being just £3 for two scarves I happily chose this Australian themed one for myself and another for my cousin (I think on hers there were maps of Germany or Austria). The scarf is so colourful that I’ve recently started tying it in a bow in my hair and it always brightens up any outfit. In fact, the only way I haven’t worn it is as a scarf! I suppose it’s because the scarf is a square shape which means the only thing I could do would be to tie it round my neck in a bow at the side. Maybe I’ll experiment with it this week!

Extreme editing shows the detail of the bag

Extreme editing shows the detail of the bag + scarf

Skinted and Minted: Brown Leather Satchels

Beige Chelsea Girl Vintage Satchel, £79.99, River Island

Beige Chelsea Girl Vintage Satchel, £79.99, River Island

I spotted this brown leather satchel whilst browsing online in River Island and thought it a quirky take on the Mulberry Alexa which has been imitated by every shop on the high street this year.I know it’s impossible for any look-alikes to be anywhere near as good as the real thing – but considering that the Mulberry Alexa costs £766, and few of us can actually afford to buy one, it’s not bad. I really like satchel style bags and I think I will be investing in one for spring (not a Mulberry one though – I wish!) I also particularly like this one as it is a) 100% real leather, so it should be pretty decent quality and last for a while, b) it is quite simple and subtle whilst still being stylish, and c) being brown it can work year-round and with most outfits and colour palettes.

Mulberry Alexa in Brown, £766

Alexa in Oak Soft Buffalo, Mulberry, £766

The winter jacket dilemma

It’s now getting to that time of year when leaves start falling, the central heating’s turned on, and a jacket/coat is essential to every outfit simply for the necessity of keeping warm. This season’s catwalk has boasted at least three major outer-wear trends, these including: the cape, the trench the leather/sheepskin aviator and the fur coat. I am a big fan of all four of these pieces, but it’s not in my power to go out and buy them all off the high street, let alone the designer versions! This said, I have been deliberating as to which to buy as my statement outer jacket/coat for winter.

Let’s start with the cape. As you may have read, this summer I acquired a wonderful black, full length ’40s cape from a vintage boutique. I am delighted to tell you that the cape in question had its first outing yesterday. Last night I went dancing, but it was cold and windy so I wanted something warm, with layers I could take off and put on when required. I went for black tights and my black leather Fly boots, with a red ’60s style dress over a black rollneck sweater. Add to that a some bright red lips and a matching beret, and with my cape on top I was good to go! I got quite a few funny looks, and I reckon some people thought I was in fancy dress. However, I did receive some lovely comments on my outfit, especially the cape! Taking all this into account, I just can’t justify buying another cape (if I were to it would be the Ultimate Cape in camel from Topshop).

Ultimate Military Cape

Ultimate Military Cape, £95 Topshop

Next, the trench. I LOVE trench coats. But I already own two, both black, and, again, I shouldn’t spend £80 on a camel/green/blue/red/grey trench when I can easily make do with the two lovely trenches I already own. Now that would be being frivolous on my part. I really like the black leather and sheepskin aviators, and although I already have a brown leather jacket, I wouldn’t want to customise it into a sheepskin (and anyway it’s brown not black) so I think I might have to but myself the H&M version for £24.99 which seems pretty reasonable (although it isn’t real leather, or sheepskin for that matter!) Not all of us can wear the Burberry Prorsum versions, and anyway, they were probably sold out about three months ago!

Imitation leather aviator jacket

Imitation leather aviator jacket, £24.99 H&M

This brings me to the (faux) fur coat. I don’t own a fur coat and never have. But I intend to own one very soon. I have seen quite a few versions in New Look, Topshop, River Island, Zara etc but I’m not sure which to go for yet. I was considering hunting out a vintage fur but I don’t fancy wearing anything moth-eaten so I might just stick to a high-street version. I’ll see what I can find. Also, if anybody has seen any fur coats that they think are particularly great, then please comment and insert the link as I am open to suggestions!

Leopard print faux fur coat

Leopard print faux fur coat, £39.99 New Look

Images copyrighted to Topshop, New Look and H&M